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OILTECH Atyrau – from exploration to petroleum refining issues – Event for top-ranking specialists

The 8th Atyrau Regional Petroleum Technology OILTECH Atyrau 2014 Conference will be held on 1 - 2 April 2014 at the Renaissance Hotel in Atyrau, the main topics of which will be: «Key project in the North Caspian», «Technological criteria of offshore fields exploration», «Implementation of industrial safety and environmental audit», «Advanced technologies of drilling», «Development of petroleum refining and petroleum chemistry».

Besides, the program of the Conference includes the workshop on geological exploration, the speakers of which will be famous Kazakhstan and expatriate geologists. The specialists will interactively share experience of technologies adoption in the field of geological exploration, oil and gas production as well as review several advanced methods applied in the branch.

The representatives of key oil, gas and service companies, operating in the market of Kazakhstan, will represent their reports during two days. The representatives of relevant ministries, institutes for development and Akimats of oil and gas regions were also invited for the participation with presenting their speeches. There will be considered the issues of investment attractiveness of the North Caspian Region, use of innovative technologies for developing new fields, operators’ plans on offshore fields’ exploration, problems of infrastructure development for the development of marine fields, measures on restoration of petroleum reserves, use of new drilling technologies and well construction as part of seven sessions.

Besides that, the special focus will be on the issue of improvement of environmental audit and risk assessment techniques efficiency as well as relevance of creation of national and petrochemical cluster.

About 200 delegates from CIS and far-abroad countries take part at OILTECH Atyrau Conference annually, and among whom there are top managers, managers, technical directors, geologists, lawyers, experts of oil and gas companies, banks and specialists of public authorities.

The organizers are “Iteca” Kazakhstan Exhibition Company and ITEGroupPLC Company, its international partner. 

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