Welcome Letters 2018

Ministry of Energy  RK

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

It is my pleasure to welcome all participants and guests of the 17th North Caspian Regional Exhibition – Global Oil&Gas Atyrau!

This Exhibition & Conference held in the city of Atyrau has become a traditional meeting place for all professionals of the oil and gas industry. This year it will be the 17th time when so many Kazakhstani and international petroleum market players will gather under the auspices of Global Oil&Gas Atyrau. Such events clearly demonstrate numerous achievements within the progressive development of the sector and reflect the worthy competitiveness level of the domestic businesses. Annually, the exhibition is attended by more than 100 companies representing Azerbaijan, Germany, Denmark, Iran, Italy, Kazakhstan, China, Netherlands, Oman, Poland, Russia, USA, Turkey, Ukraine, Croatia, and Switzerland.

The Atyrau region plays a strategic role in the national economy and its social and economic welfare constitutes an important task. In this regard, I believe that holding this exhibition with the involvement of the key petroleum operators, servicing companies, representatives of the international oil and gas companies and potential investors is of great significance and necessity.

I have no doubt that this event will demonstrate the latest technologies and developments within the oil and gas industry while its most pressing issues and their solutions will be thoroughly analysed through the prism of regional development of the sector.

Let me wish a lot of interesting discussions and rewarding work to all participants, guests and organisers of the Exhibition!

Ministry of Energy
of the Republic of Kazakhstan


Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

On behalf of the Akimat of Atyrau oblast, it is my pleasure to welcome all participants and guests of the Exhibition!

Today, international cooperation takes on a special significance in the dynamically changing global business environment. The International Exhibition GLOBAL OIL&GAS ATYRAU serves as a center for the discussion of the current state and prospects of oil and gas industry development in Western Kazakhstan. Over the last 17 years, this event has evolved from a specialised tradeshow into the strategically important multi sector exhibition.

Having become one of the biggest industrial hubs of the Caspian Sea region, Atyrau oblast would not rest on its laurels and continues to increase the rate of production by introducing up-to-date technologies, strengthening its small and medium business sector and attracting large investors.

Based on the outcomes of 2017, the industrial output has arrived at the amount of 5.7 trillion tenge while the investment volume has exceeded 2.5 trillion tenge, in which over 1 trillion tenge stems from external investments.

Over 1,000 joint and foreign companies have been established and are working successfully within the territory of the region. As of now, the oblast is in partnership with more than 50 countries worldwide.

We are committed to keeping the pace of social and economic development and take all the necessary steps to implement the Address of the Head of the State to the People of Kazakhstan.

I wish fruitful work and mutually beneficial contracts to all participants of the Exhibition!

Akim of Atyrau Oblast,


Dear Participants and Guests of the
17th North Caspian Regional Exhibition – GLOBAL OIL&GAS ATYRAU!

On behalf of the National Company KazMunayGas, allow me to extend my warm welcome to all of you!

This is the 17th annual edition of this now-traditional reputable event, the North Caspian Exhibition GLOBAL OIL&GAS ATYRAU, brings together leading specialists and key players of the industry to discuss the current challenges of the sector development and demonstrate advanced technology solutions for the oil and gas industry.

The Atyrau region possesses the majority of the hydrocarbon reserves of the Republic. It is home to giant active oilfields such as Tengiz and Kashagan and this is where most of the industry stakeholders concentrate their operational activities. Every year, confirming its reputation as the oil and gas capital of the country, the city of Atyrau welcomes over 100 companies from 16 countries worldwide who come to take part in the annual specialised sectoral forum. The exhibition is attended by numerous manufacturers of oil and gas equipment, representatives of the public-sector authorities, national companies, key players and scientific and research institutes.

Being the owner of several aging oilfields, the National Company KazMunayGas considers that it is particularly important for all partners of the industry to regularly share knowledge and study practical experience of utilising modern technologies.  We are closely following all the innovations which are becoming available, we then evaluate and introduce those of them which can enhance extraction activities at our deposits.

It is certainly important that the Global Oil&Gas Atyrau Exhibition aids improved communications between the public and the private sectors, in particular the manufacturing of equipment and further development of the sector infrastructure. As a catalyst for the more effective business relations, this high-profile Oil & Gas forum actively contributes to creating the perfect environment for cooperation into the petroleum industry.

Let me take this opportunity to wish fruitful and successful work to all the participants of the Exhibition!

Chairman of the Board
S. Mynbayev

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen, our most esteemed colleagues,

On behalf of the Kazakhstan Association of Oil, Gas and Energy sector organisations - KAZENERGY, I am delighted to welcome all participants of the 17th Northern Caspian Regional Exhibition - Atyrau Oil & Gas.

Today, the field-specific exhibition Atyrau Oil & Gas has secured its status of the critically important event which traditionally takes place in the oil capital of our country – the city of Atyrau.

For 17 consecutive years, this regional occasion has been bringing together professionals of the oil and gas industry, providing numerous opportunities to expand their business geography and find strategic partners. The significance and success of the event is clearly demonstrated by the number of the exponents and participants which grows with every year.

Today, as we know, the oil and gas industry is in a transitional period of development which can be explained by several global challenges: volatility of the fuel markets, major changes in the overall technological mode and other important factors.

I have no doubt that active cooperation of all members within the oil and gas industry and presentation of the performance results in various spheres will give a new impetus to the growth of the sector.

Let me wish productive work, success and all the best to the participants of the Exhibition.

A. Magauov
Director General


Dear Ladies and Gentlemen!

On behalf of the Association of oil service companies of Kazakhstan I am glad to welcome the participants and guests of "Atyrau Oil and Gas" Annual North Caspian Regional exhibition. On today's event I would like to express deep respect for all who create such similar information and dialogue platform.

For years of its existence the event has proved as one of unique events in the Atyrau region which is considered as the key and strategically important. It is sure that the thematic seminars held within the exhibition promote growth of communication between competent persons that, undoubtedly, creates favorable conditions for development of branch. Also it is pleasant to recognize that the Association can be a part of such community.

From the moment of its creation the activity of the Association is directly connected with development of oilfield service business. We could achieve visible results by increasing the competitiveness of the domestic companies and supporting them in large projects. The Association covers more than 160 companies of Kazakhstan and continues to act as the information platform on which all actual topics are discussed.

Throughout the organization of the constructive meetings allowing to create strong communications I hope that in the current year participants of an exhibition will be able to achieve the planned purposes!

R. Zhaxylykov
Chairman of Presidium of the Association of oil service companies of Kazakhstan

Trade Representative of the Russian Federation in the  Republic of Kazakhstan

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

On behalf of the Trade Representation of the Russian Federation in the Republic of Kazakhstan, I am honored to welcome all participants and guests of the 17th North Caspian Regional Exhibition - Global Oil&Gas Аtyrau 2018 and 17th International Caspian Regional Building & Interiors Exhibition - Atyrau Build 2018.

Trade and economic relations between Russia and Kazakhstan are rapidly growing, thus covering a variety of spheres for cooperation and becoming more and more sustainable, reliable and solid with every year. The oil and gas industry has a key importance for our countries in terms of the modernisation of our economies and implementation of the strategic sectoral innovative investment projects. Holding such large-scale and high-rank exhibitions attended by many Russian companies becomes the very picture of the close historical bonds that unite our countries. The choice of the venue of the events is also not accidental since the city of Atyrau is known as the oil capital of the Republic of Kazakhstan, having an important geopolitical role and being one of the dynamically developing and investment attractive regions of the country, where a number of strategically significant projects are being successfully implemented.

Over the years of their existence, these events have been uniting members of the oil and gas community and have proved their undoubted significance and importance for the Caspian region. Here we have an effective platform where participants of the exhibitions can present the results of their scientific research and innovative developments as well as discuss key aspects of bringing the latest technologies into the areas of exploration, production, transportation and processing of oil and gas resources.

Joint involvement in such outstanding international initiatives provides Russian and Kazakhstani companies with a chance to maximize their mutually beneficial collaboration, summarise available operational practices and strengthen the further sustainable development between our states.

I would like to wish efficient work, productive cooperation, solid partner relations, prosperity, successful achievement of desired objectives and best of luck to all participants, organisers and guests of the exhibitions!

Trade Representative of the
Russian Federation in the
Republic of Kazakhstan
A.V. Yakovlev


Dear Exhibitors, Partners and Guests of the Exhibition Global Oil&Gas Atyrau and Atyrau Build!

The Organizers, ITECA Kazakhstan exhibition company and its international partner ITE Group (UK) are glad to meet with You and express their gratitude for Your consistency, trust and cooperation!

This year the exhibitions will be held for the 17th time and the 25th Anniversary of “Tengizchevroil” LLP became an important event of this year. Taking this opportunity, we thank “Tengizchevroil” LLP for many years of cooperation and wholeheartedly wish you success and prosperity!

For us, as for the organizers, the valuable and necessary thing throughout the history of the event is the annual support and direct participation of the Ministry of Energy of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the Local Administration of Atyrau region, “KazMunayGas” National Company JSC, the Union of Oil Service Companies KAZSERVICE and diplomatic missions of the participating countries.

According to experts, the exhibitions in Atyrau are gaining momentum and are important regional industry business platforms, an effective tool for business promotion and the introduction of innovative solutions. Our exhibitions are selected and supported by key industry companies of our Country. Special thanks to the partners of the event: “Tengizchevroil” LLP, “Embamunaigas” JSC, “Caspian Pipeline Consortium” JSC, NCOC.

We sincerely hope that the exhibitions will be successful for You!
We wish You success and prosperity!

Best regards,
Organizing Committee